This College Lecturer Has Given Jobs To 572 beggars, Rehabilitated 5,000

P Naveen Kumar through Atchayam Trust in Tamil Nadu, has 400 volunteers across 18 districts helping beggars to rehabilitate and give them a second chance in life


All of us have encountered beggars in public places, asking for money. Many times the request comes with an added story about getting lost or robbed or abandoned by the family members.

Those with a soft heart often tend to give some loose change, buy them some snacks or hand over a water bottle out of sympathy. But regular visitors or locals, well aware of the modus operandi, rarely fall for such ‘tall tales’.

P Naveen Kumar had the same experience six years ago. But instead of paying a few rupees and dismissing them, he has since then rehabilitated more than 5,000 beggars and given jobs to almost 600 of them.

“It was in 2014 that I visited a temple in Erode. An elderly lady asked for some money claiming to…